Friday, March 30, 2012

Accessory Wish List: Jenni Kayne D' Orsay Flat

 So everyday for the past week or so I have been attempting to visit a new American Fashion Designers Website just to get a feel of who they are and to learn a little about them as a designer, the price point of there pieces (Because that's important for my blog) and most important to check out there RTW Garments so I can get a feel for there customer! Today I ventured to fashion designers Jenni Kayne official website and I was beyond pleased! On her website I came across this piece that I can honestly say I was on the fence about at first but once I began to style them in my mind I fell in love with this shoe, the Jenni Kayne D' Orsay Flat! This flat read a little old to me at first... but then I realized I was attracted to that quality and even though it is a flat they kind of come across as a mix between a Loafer and a Flat which makes these very original in my eyes!

These flats come in a lot of fun trendy colors and would look amazing with a summer dress and a small cross- body bag but rock them however you want!  I definitely hope these D' Orsay Flats sell out and are walking the streets all over!

Ladies how do you feel about the Jenni Kayne D' Orsay Flats?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

An Editors Pick For: Kelly from Live With Kelly

So two days ago I was at the gym bright and early and "Live With Kelly" was on while I was doing my cardio so of course I watched the show and I have to admit, I really enjoyed the morning talk show! I was even more impressed at whoever styled her because she looked amazing, and then a idea popped in my head, lets dress kelly! Of course I've chosen look directly from the Runway Via and as usual they are all American Designers because thats what I love to focus on with this blog!

So above is a Picture of Kelly! Her show comes on every weekday at 9am on ABC/WKBW so make sure you watch! From watching her show the first thing that I love is that she has a PERSONALITY! This is so important because personality can help carry am outfit! I see tons of confidence in her and as far as fashion goes, she looks like she is sample size so I chose the looks based of those things and how the show was conducted, but I will explain that with the looks!

Let get started, when I watch the show on Tuesday I notice three outfit changes so I picked six look for three different reasons I picked looks that would hopefully be comfortable for Kelly to move around and be interesting to the viewer. Also this is great exposure for the designer! These first two looks are for the opening of the show, which is about the first twenty minutes! As the show opens Kelly comes out and sits down with her guest co-host behind a table so I had to chose something that is visually interesting, so a printed garment or a garment with an interesting cut at the top so it draws the attention on the viewer so I chose these two dresses, this one printed dress from Duro Olowu and this dress with a very unique detailing at the top from Sachin + Babi!

Duro Olowu Fall 2012

Sachin + Babi Fall 2012

The next look is for the interview part of the show with whomever is the special guest for that day! This look is seen from head to toe so I wanted to pick a look that was very chic, trendy, fashion forward but still a look to please the masses so these looks are Ready To Wear! So the first look is this one from Erin Fetherston! This look will attract the younger audience on up to women in the 40's and 50's. A lot of women are looking for a printed pant year round and these pants from Erin Fetherston are the perfect inspiration! and the top is very feminine with the ruffle detail in the front and sheer garments are so on trend so the sheer shoulders and sleeves are perfect! especially for the girl that might be hesitant to wear a complete sheer top!  The other look is specificly geared toward the working woman who still wants to be fashionable so this look from Sophie Theallet was a perfect choice! I love this look for all body types and a lady who has a career fresh out of college or the mom with a career can wear this look.

Erin Fetherston Fall 2012

Sophie Theallet Spring 2012

The last look can be for a second interview or a different sit down segment behind the table so I picked looks that can work well for both situations! Visually interesting, fashion forward but not over the top, very easy to relate to but still have that edge that may be slightly out your comfort zone but still willing to give it a chance! So the first look is from United Bamboo. Black and white together is always chic, its always in style, its very easy to wear and has a very clean edge factor to it! The next look is from Chadwick Bell! Jumpsuits should be a garment in every women's closet because they are again very easy to wear and all body types look good in them! This Chadwick Bell jumpsuit has a print but its not too over the top smack you in the face but just enough!

United Bamboo Spring 2012

Chadwick Bell Fall 2012

I believe all of these looks would be great on Kelly! I've grouped the Duro Olowu, Erin Fetherston and United Bamboo looks together and the Sachin + Babi, Sophie Theallet and Chadwick Bell Looks together! So which group of looks to you like together or what would you switch around! Are there any looks that you want to personally rock or imitate or is there anything that you dislike? Sound off below

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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An Editors Pick: Mandy Coon

So as some of you may know my career goal is to be a Fashion Editor for a Magazine, and if you read one of my most recent post "A Bloggers Pick" then you know i briefly mention doing "Editor Picks" blog post, so welcome to the very first post! Today we have American Fashion Designer Mandy Coon and her Bunny bag which I have to admit, this bag looks so cool! I love how fun this bag is! If your carrying this except tons of attention! I would suggest rocking this bag with one of your simply outfits because this is a Statement Piece! The bag comec in two sizes, The large Ginny for $435 and a small Ernie for $320. The Ernie also comes studded, to add that perfect edgy factor to your look!

Ladies How Do You Feel About This Mandy Coon Bunny Bag

Accessory Must Haves: Sunglasses

Mother Nature has been throwing all times of weather at us lately but with the sun consistently out an about its time to start investing in a pair or two of Sunglasses! I personally feel that all accessories should be more quality driven because the can take for example your H&M or Forever 21 outfits to the next level! I picked a few options for now but there will be a part two and three to this post so lets get started

Betsey Johnson Printed Leopard Sunglasses


Milly By Michelle Smith Leanne Sunglasses


BCBGMAZRIA Izzy Oversized Sunglasses

$80 #BloggersPick

BCBGMAZAZRIA Tasi Sunglasses


Ladies Would You Rock Any Of These Statement Sunglasses!

Monday, March 26, 2012

From The Runway To The Streets: Brandon Sun

       So the weather in my city (Buffalo, NY) inspired me to do this post! When I'm getting dress in the morning to make my moves for that particular day the one thing I HATE (Hate is a strong word, I'm sorry) is ruining my outfit by putting on a jacket/coat because the weather is a bit cold! Most jackets do nothing to enhance an outfit however there is a more Fashion Forward option, the Fur Vet! Ladies, I know a lot of you are worried about looking like a big fluffy animal but don't! Fur vest are super ultra chic and real easy to pull off because you simply just throw it on! I especially love fur vest with beautiful Frocks (Dresses for those who did not know) but do not be afraid to throw it on with just about anything because you will look amazing.
     Now if I'm going to talk about fur best then I must give an AMAZING example from the best, American Fashion Designer Brandon Sun! He has worked for J. Mendel (Who is known for his fur garments) and is currently working for who is arguable one of the power houses of American Fashion" Oscar De La Renta, and we all know Oscar De La Renta piece are the best quality! Brandsn Sun's has his own line that I am in love with because all of his looks are major; His collections can easy walk off the Runway and become a  Ready To Wear look and then jump in a magazine and work well within plenty of Editorial! So below are some Brandon Sun looks with fur vest just to give you an idea on how to pull a fur vest off!

Click Here To Visit The Official Brandon Sun Website

Brandon Sun Spring 2012

Brandon Sun Fall 2012

As you can see Ladies you can rock a fur vest with ANYTHING Ladies! Now time to take this piece From The Runway To The Streets! Brandon Sun piece can not be purchase online so I found this much more affordable substitution! This MICHAEL Micheal Kors Faux Fur Vest is Perfect to pull off this look.  This vest is on Zappos (an authentic website) For only $110 dollars!

Or this Luxe Rachel Zoe Faux Fur Vest for only $90 dollars from QVC!

Click Here To Purchase This Luxe Rachel Zoe Vest


Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Bloggers Pick: Cynthia Rowley

Welcome to my brand new segment on my blog called "A Bloggers Pick"! Bloggers Picks are going to be from American Fashion Designers and Brands however my picks are going to be designer items under $100 dollars! My career goal is to be an Fashion Editor so I may do an editors pick posts on items that will probably be more expensive but for now lets focus on the Affordable options!

From American Fashion Designer Cynthia Rowley we have these beautiful Scarab Rings! These rings are perfect statement cocktail rings and would be a great addition to your accessories collection. The rings come in a size medium, and are only $95 dollars!

To Purchase The Cynthia Rowley Scarab Ring Click Here

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Inspiration: Tibi

     Todays spring inspiration comes from American Fashion Brand Tibi! Tibi is a brand to me that can do no wrong in my opinion! Tibi makes well made, classic clothing that you never have to worry about dating itself! I offend refer to Tibi looks as "simple" but i mean that as a huge compliment, every woman needs basic pieces in there wardrobe like the classic white shirt, blazer, a trouser etc and Tibi is the best go to brand for those garments. This is one of the few brand that I personally Feels like every woman can wear!
     As simple as the Tibi collection may seem there are plenty of Fashion Forward looks within the collection, the Leather Tunics are uber chic and are a garment some women may not gravitate to but they are so major; Leather Tunics are great piece to load up with accessories and statement bags and shoes! The longer menswear inspired shorts are major! Ladies done be afraid of a longer short, wear them with a bright bold color or printed heel to give it a more feminine feel. The gold look at the bottom is absolutely MAJOR simple but Fashion Forward. This look is actually what i would call an "Editors Look" which means it might be to daring for the average woman and uber Fashion Forward people would wear that particular look, like Stylists, Editors, Some Bloggers and Buyers! The gold Tibi look is one I would love to see more on the sidewalks of cities all over!
     So how do you get the Tibi Look.... You Can Shop Right Here On The Official Tibi Website (Ladies Check It Out) Or Shop Basic, Menswear inspired looks! Button Downs, Sheer Tops, Blazers and Slacks! H&M are a great place to start to look for Tibi inspired Basics! Ladies what do you think about American Fashion Brand Tibi! ALL PICTURES ARE FROM

Friday, March 23, 2012

Accessory Wish List: Lyra Love Star and Wendy Brandes

So today I decided to add Jewelry to the Accessory Wish List with two Jewelry Designers, Crystal Streets "Lyra Love Star" and Wendy Brandes! Before I talk about the pieces i want to let you know I tried to make sure I found some affordable pieces however, LADIES jewelry are investment pieces! You want stuff that you can pass down to your daughters after it becomes vintage... meaning you want good pieces that will last you 10+ years!

So lets get started with this necklace from Wendy Brandes! I picked this necklace because i think its very original, I have never seen a bat necklace before and it is something very cool about this necklace! This necklace for sure is a #BloggersPick for you ladies! Wendy Brandes jewelry is also great quality so you will be getting an amazing piece!

The next piece is this Octavia Charm Bracelet from LyraLoveStar! What I love most about this bracelet and all of the other pieces in the Lyra Love Star collection number one they are a great price point, and two the Detailing is impeccable! For example the Lyra Love Star collection is based off of astrology Moons have craters which is why the pieces there only littler craters in them (I think that's why). Little details like that is why i enjoy this brand so much!

This charm bracelet is $225 Click Here To Purchase The Lyra Love Star Octavia Charm Bracelet

Both of these pieces are great investments to make! What piece do you like?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From The Runway To The Streets: Sachin + Babi

More than half of the pictures that i use for my blog come straight off the runway from and lets be honest, we all cant afford looks right off to runway so with that in mind i came up with "From The Runway To The Streets"!

Todays look comes from American Fashion Designer Sachin + Babi! This look is from there Spring 2012 collection and although  it is very simple it is one of my favorite looks within the collection!

The Shirt: Is clearly a plain white shirt but have fun with the material! Go fashion forward with a wet suit, leather or sheer Sleeveless.. or the classic cotton or jersey. I picked this white shirt that is slightly sheer from H&M for only $9.95

The Skirt: You want to Find a black skirt that hits the knee, but if you want to go a little shorter then thats fine. The most important part of this look is that the black skirt flares out! I picked this wet suit material skirt also from H&M for $49.95

The Shoes: I am not a personal fan of white shoes even though i like the shoes in the Sachin + Babi collection! I couldn't find the perfect white shoes... so i chose these really chic Marc by Marc Jacobs pumps for $2951 You can find these pumps on Piperlime and Lord & Taylors, and of course the official Marc Jacobs Website

Here is your "From The Runway To The Street" with Sachin + Babi

Monday, March 19, 2012

An Editors Picks For: June Ambrose

So today is officially Monday and tonight at 9:30pm Styled By June is Premiering on VH1 and I am crazy excited about it airing tonight! June Ambrose is a heading force in Fashion Industry, she has styled some of the Best including Jay Z, Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Mariah Carey and many more and she Styled the X Factor! I thought I would do a fun little post Styling June Ambrose!

I got inspired to do this post way back last week when June Ambrose had her Private Viewing of her show (Big Name Editors Celia Smith, Claire Sulmers and Joe Zee where there and many more ) and she Tweeted a picture of what she wore1 I instantly recognized that she was wearing Cynthia Rowley Spring 2012 and I thought about what other looks, or pieces could June rock right off the runway! *Warning the Pieces and Looks below are extremely Fashion Forward and you might not understand how uber amazing they are*

Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Pilgrim Shoes

Nicholas K. Fall 2012 Turtle Shell Necklace

Vivienne Tam Fall 2012 White Shearling Jacket

Creatures Of The Wind Spring 2012 Orange Glasses (June Ambrose is Known for her Eyewear

Creatures Of The Wind Fall 2012 The Entire Look! I really am in love with this look!

Vivienne Tam Spring 2012 Entire Look! It takes a Fashion Forward person (Like June Ambrose) to rock a full on bold color like this!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Accessory Wish List: Hendrick Brun

I just recently found out about Hendrick Brun and I am so excite to build a Blogger Relationship with them! These pumps from Hendrick Brun are amazing!  Dalmatian print in my opinion is slowly about to take over and i am 100% behind this movement! Ladies do not sleep on the Dalmatian print, nothing can take the place of the classic Leopard Print but this print is one you rarely see a lot of women rocking so be the first to jump on it! These Pumps are only $129 so do not sleep on them! 

This is the Link to Purchase these Hendrick Brun Pumps:

Elisha Dalmatian High Heel Platform Pump