Monday, April 2, 2012

A Bloggers Pick: Staci Sherri

Its time for another Bloggers Pick and today we are featuring Fashion Designer Staci Sherri! Staci Sherri is an up and coming designer who makes some really cool and funky pieces! This post we will be featuring her "Just Like Me" Tee!

I appreciate the positive message this Tee gives to young girls! From a fashion point of view, the cut on the tee is perfect because the neck line/chest area is a great area to showoff for all body types!
You can dress it up with a Blazer, your favorite bottom and heel for a night out! Or be causal and layer it with a Denim Button Down or Cardigan with tons of Arm Accessories, Skinny Jeans or Knee length skirt with some combat boots or flats to run around in!

Ladies this tee is only $25 dollars and its a great shirt for the Spring/Summer time!

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