Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An Editors Pick For: Kyle Anderson

So as you may or may not know "An Editors Pick For" is our way of styling our favorite people in the industry! Today we are doing my Idol, Marie Claire's Accessories Director Kyle Anderson! I got inspired to do this post a couple days ago when we read a certain tweet from him and we thought it would be fun to switch up Kyle's style and put some change in his life! Of course we are only picking looks from American Fashion Designers and although I think Kyle's style may be too Fashion Forward for American Designers, we did our best to pick perfect looks for him!

I decided pick looks that have elements of Kyle Anderson current style but still taking him out of his "comfort zone" a bit!

This first look is from the Spring 2012 Michael Kors! We pick this looks (and majority of the other looks) Because it features a Leather Jacket which is right in Kyle's comfort zone! The light pant is a piece hat may be different for him but instead of  the sandal we would put a black boot or one of his many Prada shoes with this!

Michael Kors Spring 2012

The next look can be considered simple but the darker color pallet without being a completely black look is why I pick this! I personally love this Yigal Azrouel Fall 2012 look, especally the sleeves on this Statement Jacket! If we had to change this look for Kyle I would add a more statement making shoe just to funk it up!

Yigal Azrouel Fall 2012

I would throw this Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 look on Kyle Anderson and would not change a thing! We have a leather jacket and a hint of fur on the hip! The only thing we would add is a Bag! Thats it.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2012

So how do my reader feel about these looks! Make sure you check out Kyle Anderson here http://www.kyleeditor.com/


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