Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mens Fashion Would You Splurge: Marc Jacobs

So Ive decided to commit to atleast 3 mens post a week because the two mens test posts I did on my blog recieved more view on the days they were posted than the ladies posts so this is my first official mens blog post! The amount of money men will spend to stand out and be different is ridiclous, most men who make an effort to dress nice spend just as much as ladies so "Would You Splurge" post are perfect for the guy.

Today we have Lightweight Color-Blocked Cardigans from Marc by Marc Jacobs. If you do not know, Marc Jacobs is arguably the best American Designer showing at #NYFW; He is a genius in the fashion industry, looked up to and swooned over by many. As for the cardigans, every man should own a cardigan, its like the more relaxed verison of the blazer in my opinion but you can still wear one to the office or a casual event.

The first cardigan you see is $298 dollars while the second one is $228 (Yes they are different cardigans)
Color blocking is on trend for both the ladies and men this season. Guys dont be scared of color and stepping outside your comfort zone. The cardigan with the pink in it might be alittle much for some but it would go perfect with a pair of brown loafers or oxfords and if your a sneaker guy a pair of Navy Blue Vans will be a good choice with a pair of cargos.

Fellas Would You Splurge?

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